When I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina, then an archaeologist (like my idol Indiana Jones), and then a lawyer. I never made it to the stage or courtroom and, instead of discovering lost civilisations, I found a passion for writing. I've been creating compelling content for almost seven years now. Here, you can find some of my highlights.

And because everyone enjoys a compliment, below are some kind words that my clients and their customers have shared on my work:

"I wanted to pass along this comment from the worldwide sales leader who is the Subject Matter Expert for this solution:
'You will never find a more exciting case study than this one. Please take the time to read the details.'
He's a bit of a tough customer, however as you see, he was very impressed with the story you captured. 
Thank you for another job exceptionally well done Rhian!!"

"Rhian: thanks for your first draft. As far as I am concerned, it is a great piece. You can do magic with our words."

"You’ve done an outstanding job crafting this, and shepherding it through the process. Thanks so much for making this happen!"

"Rhian has continued to do a superior job supporting the needs of the ECM and now the Data Platform and Cloud teams. 
I appreciate her efforts and talents. It's clear my clients do too."